Today the powerhouse duo leads two luxury travel brands driven by a single mission: to reimagine travel through stylish stays and extraordinary experiences centered around the essence of human connection.

Myths + Muses | Greek Travel Reimagined

Bringing connection to the heart of each guest’s very own Greek odyssey, Myths + Muses stands apart in their innovation of remarkable and authentic experiences that are directly sourced or created with local partners including artisan workshops and rich storytelling tours. With Greece as their muse, each Myths + Muses journeys are specifically designed to bring guests together.

SheFari | Women’s Travel Reimagined

Visit our sister site SheFari for our curated collection of impactful join-in journeys for women.


“We are in heaven…..truly amazing!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE. Everything is AMAZING!!!! The hotels were great. Service was wonderful.  Favorite part was the catamaran.”

Family Trip in Greece


“My supervisor and his family loved the trip to Greece. I wanted to truly thank you for everything you did to help me with the arrangements. If you’re ever in Dubai please let me know, I will happily help you with arrangements 😊. Take care and will be in touch if we ever come to Greece! Thanks again!”

Destination Wedding & Honeymoon in Greece


“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned for us, every step of the way. We will treasure and remember forever the good time we had, the amazing hotels we stayed in, and the beautiful places we visited, great thanks to you. Looking forward to more planned trips by you!”

Family Trip in Greece

Maggie & Clint

“Our experience was INCREDIBLE! There is no way we would have thought to plan such a cool trip without you. All of the tours and guides were great, the people were very kind to us, and the restaurants you recommended were perfect, everywhere. The hotel upgraded us to the honeymoon suite…holy cow amazing!!”

Honeymoon in Greece